Due Diligence Real State funds

Environmental Due Diligence

Real estate is ubiquitous and influences our daily lives in many ways. It is the world’s most invested class of assets. Investors may invest alone, together, or through a fund. The investment may regard just one asset, or a complete portfolio. The different asset classes include commercial, logistics, residential and retail. At Antea Group, we strive to make the investment process as easy and rewarding as possible. Our clients include banks, asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds, Real Estate funds, REITs, etc. For each of these client groups, Antea Group provides tailored advice.

Business Lines:

Acquisition phase

Antea Group partners with real estate funds, investors and realtors to review transactions and proposed transactions relating to real estate. We map existing risks and propose measures to mitigate them. Our crucial analysis enables our clients to make an informed decision regarding real estate transactions. As Antea Group houses all relevant expertise relating to spatial developments, our due diligence includes legal restrictions, contractual risks, tax advice, technical aspects and environmental risks. After our due diligence has established that the property is still desirable, our experts can guide investors through negotiation with relevant stakeholders.

Development & planning phase

Once the acquisition phase has been completed, we advise our clients on any desired development. We take care of all relevant permitting procedures, provide engineering services and project management. Case managers can be assigned to large projects to streamline the process. We are in close contact with governmental bodies whose permission is required. Antea Group can then accompany for the building phase once all paperwork has been completed.

Maintenance phase

Once a project has been completed, it should be properly managed to ensure future growth. We advise both tenants and landlords, to negotiate terms of lease while taking into account all relevant risks. Furthermore, we manage all relevant permits and update them when necessary.