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Urban Planning


With a growing world population comes an increase in urbanization. In turn, the design and use of land is becoming more and more intricate. We understand both the technical and political aspects of urban planning. Through research, analysis and sound engineering principles, our solutions ensure that spatial plans are fully incorporated into the fabric of our communities and that market value is maximized.

Urban Planning Sector Services

  • Heritage Site Conservation
  • Mobility and Traffic Surveys
  • Public Space and Landscape Design
  • Spatial Implementation Plans
  • Sport and Recreation Facility Design
  • Stakeholder Engagement


Croonenburo5 is an international office for architecture, urban planning and landscape and is a subsidiary of Antea Group®. From this collaboration CroonenBuro5 can make use of the wide range of services of the Antea Group, including consultancy.

CroonenBuro5 makes plans and versatile designs at different scales. We operate mainly at the intersection of landscape, urban planning and architecture. The awareness of the environment, historical perspective and positive amenity of our clients are our starting point. In addition our designers also have affinity with economical, landscape, infrastructure, civil engineering, climate adaption, sustainability and energy transitions issues. Whether urban and rural areas and at both national and international level.


As creative designers of our environment, we want to offer meaningful solutions to environmental and social issues. This requires a broad approach to the task. Our aim is a to create a good quality of living environment that functions well in social, economic and political terms, so that it can continue for long periods. We want to work in an open communication with our clients and stakeholders.

We have a wider scope on integrated projects in the field of ports & waterfronts, healthcare, leisure & recreation, airports, industrial areas, retail, education, living, landscape development and sustainable energy.


Architecture at CroonenBuro5 is determined by the context and contemporary. We make designs that do justice to the many period features and identity of each region or city. A combination of modern and traditional elements creates original architecture. We listen carefully to the demands of our clients and the environment.


Urban planning and landscape architecture at CroonenBuro5 is based on its context. Historical values are important to our concepts. After investigation, analysis, vision and verification of identity we make the optimal use of our multidisciplinary knowledge in our office. Our strong concepts are innovative, future-oriented and realistic. We research and design at different scales: from landscape visions to the design of public, semi-public and private spaces. Most important keywords here are integrality and multifunctionality, sustainability and safety.


CroonenBuro5 has experience with the field of science and project supervisor. For content and process, we conducted for both various planning processes.