The Millennium Challenge Account-Senegal II

Presse Release: New contract signed by Antea Group and Jesa for the modernization and strengthening of Senegal's national electricity network and access improvement

14 May 2020

The Millennium Challenge Account-Senegal II (MCA-Sénégal II) granted Antea Group and its partner JESA the environmental and social management of the program of strengthening of the electricity network infrastructure in Dakar city, the south, and the center of Senegal. This contract shows up the strengths and experience of Antea Group, which is historically well established in West Africa. The environmental engineering firm is one of the major players in West Africa for environmental and social studies in energy-oriented programs of international donors such as the MCC.

May 13, 2020 - Antea Group has announced that it has won with JESA company the mission of consultancy for program management as well as environmental and social management of “MOSES”  project (Management Oversight Social and Environmental Support) on behalf of MCA-Senegal II, as part of the Senegal Energy-Focused Program (MCC Power Compact).

During the five-years project, the consortium Antea Group - JESA will be in charge of the assistance to contracting authority and of the project management, especially for : program global management,   review of designs and engineering studies, environmental and social management of the project, tendering support, building work management. The end of the mission will be aligned with the completion of the MCC Power Compact in the summer of 2025.

The purpose of the electricity transmission project is to modernize the network according to the best international reliability standards, in order to reduce the risk of incidents leading to power cuts while respecting the environmental and social standards of the IFC and the MCC. The project concerns the large metropolitan region of Dakar, which represents around 60% of the country's electricity demand and 20% of its population.

The project titled “Expanding access to electricity in rural and peri-urban areas” aims to increase the supply and demand for quality electricity in rural and peri-urban areas of Senegal.

MCC Power Compact was signed on December 10, 2018, between the United States and Senegalese governments. The formal agreement between the two countries consists of a $550 million grant from the USA government, and $50 million investment from Senegal. The final objective of the Compact is to strengthen the capacity of the energy stakeholders (Senelec, Ministries, Governmental agencies), to attract investment from the private sector, and to finance infrastructure investments in the field of electricity transmission. This will allow the extension of the network for the benefit of low-income and unserved businesses and households.

About Antea Group

Antea Group is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm specializing in full-service solutions in the fields of environment, infrastructure, urban planning, and water.

By combining strategic thinking, multidisciplinary perspectives, and technical expertise, Antea Group does more than effectively solve client challenges. With more than 3200 employees and 90 offices around the world, the company aims to deliver sustainable solutions to ensure a better future for its customers and the planet.

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About JESA

With approximately 2,000 employees, JESA is the largest engineering group in Morocco and a leading solution provider in the African continent. JESA is a joint venture between two global players, the OCP group leader of phosphates and derivates, and Worley Australian group, one of the biggest providers of technical, professional and building fields services.

Specialized in engineering, project management, consulting and urban planning, JESA offers a full spectrum of services, covering all steps of projects, from need analysis and feasibility study until building management and assistance to commissioning or maintenance.


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