fuente de energia No convencional

Non-Conventional Energy Sources:

5 December 2015

The wind and solar energy potential in La Guajira (Colombia) and the environmental support of Antea Group 

In Colombia, the primary energy production comes from hydropower, and, in second place, from fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal), whose reserves are already depleted. Therefore, the Government in recent years has invested in the development and implementation of alternative energy production technologies, working with renewable resources to solve the problem of world energy crisis and contribute to a cleaner environment.

This is how Enel Green Power, a company dedicated to the development and management of power generation from renewable sources in the world, arrived in Colombia to develop electrification projects, based on the great potential of the wind and solar energy in certain parts of the country, such as La Guajira, where strong winds and high levels of solar radiation are present. 

Antea Group in Colombia is advising Enel Green Power Colombia in environmental management that needs to be carried out to implement their project in the country, conducting the required environmental studies. The process began with the preparation of technical documents that would allow the environmental authority decide whether such projects require the submission of an Environmental Diagnosis of Alternatives, or, otherwise, the respective terms of reference issued for the Environmental Impact Assessment, necesary for obtaining an environmental license (Decree 2041 of 2014). 

Other services Antea Group that will support Enel Green Power Colombia for wind and solar projects, and power transmission lines, are: 

- Preparation of a Social, Environmental and Economic Context Analysis, Stakeholders Map and Shared Value Plan 

- Environmental Diagnosis of Alternatives 

- Prior consultation processes with Ethnic Communities within the project areas 

- Preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment 

- Final project consolidation and systematization of Environmental and Social Commitments