Antea®Colombia is part of the largest Hydrocarbon Transportation Project in South America

5 May 2015

Colombia presente en Proyecto de Transporte de Hidrocarburos más importante de SuraméricaAntea®Colombia involved in the design project of the largest hydrocarbons transmission lines in South America. It consists of a pipeline comprising a trunk line of 918 km and three branches of 45 km, 58 km and 28 km, for a total of 1,059 km. It starts in the area of Malvinas in the Peruvian jungle; it travels through the three major physiographic zones of Peru (180 km in the forest sector, 602 km in the area of mountains and 146 km in the area of coast).

The challenge of Antea Colombia translates into participation in studies and designs of the project developed in different environments to those found in Colombia as in the case of the forest and the Peruvian highlands, the last one with a complex geology and geomorphology, in which the pipeline is developed mostly at altitudes between 4,000 and 5,000 meters. This has involved the physical conditioning of our staff, the study of different landforms and implementation of methodologies and advanced technologies to achieve scouring the entire corridor within a tight schedule due to client requirements.

We hope to provide to our future challenges the experience we continue to consolidate as a leading firm in the layout and design of lines contributing to the generation of sustainable optimal designs, advanced, and responsive to the new requirements of our customers.