Waste Water heating network

Sustainable Heat Production by Using Waste Water

The City of Antwerp will redevelop the Slachthuis site into a residential area offering room for recreation, facilities such as a school, small-scale activities and local businesses. Commissioned by Fluvius and Aquafin, Antea Group predesigned the heat production unit supporting the heating network. The heating network will be fed by a heat pump using effluent from the water purification installation.

Antea Group was responsible for the technical preliminary study and the calculation of the technical and financial aspects of the business case. The Slachthuis site is part of a new urban development and is set to become the largest inner-city housing project in Flanders, with a maximum of 2,400 homes. This project is unique in Belgium due to both the technique used (HP > 1 MW) and the scale of the new development.


The design of the most sustainable energy generation unit within the specified conditions – ecological, economic and technical – based on a forecast of energy demand profiles, district heating layout and the available waste heat from the waste water.


Smart combination of multiple technologies for heat generation at the highest efficiency levels along with the lowest CO2 emissions according to specified financial boundaries. Use of a simulation model for technology selection and dimensioning an hourly basis - securing the lowest heat price and the highest degree of reliability - while guaranteeing comfort for future residents.