In-situ thermal soil remediation

In-situ thermal remediation in Brussels


In 2015, HMVTRS, a joint venture between HMVT (Netherlands) and TRS (USA), performed its first in-situ thermal remediation project in Europe, in a former industrial zone in Brussels, Belgium, which is being redeveloped for residential use.

In-situ thermal soil remediation is a robust, rapid process that enables removal rates of over 99%. For the project in Brussels, we agreed on a guaranteed fixed price for removal of the chlorinated pure phase (DNAPL).

The site was heavily polluted with a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons (chlorinated and non-chlorinated). The most complex part of the project was treating 25,000kg of vapors, which were emitted within a very short period. To reduce these while keeping emissions below the target levels, we installed a series of unique vapor treatment units to handle the following processes: steam condensation, vapor condensation at -20°C, aliphatic scrubbing and catalytic oxidation with an acid scrubber. 

“The treated source zone contains around 25,000kg of pollution mass in a soil volume of 11,000m³. The maximum treatment depth is 18 meters below surface.” 

Marco van den Brand, Project Manager