The Netherlands: A challenging remediation job

The Netherlands: A challenging remediation job

A challenging job; remediation of the site of a former gas plant. Following a public bidding process, Antea Group Milieurealisatie Noord was awarded the project based on the price/quality ratio of their bid. The main challenge is to control the quality of the living environment as remediation work is carried out.

The area is home to a hospital, nursing home, school and houses. A major main road for the area will partly need to be remediated as well. The soil and groundwater on the site of the former gas plant in Winschoten are contaminated with tar-like substances, mineral oil, and even cyanides and heavy metals at some places. The site is currently used as a hospital parking lot. 

Real-time monitoring - Milieurealisatie Noord has worked out the design and preparations. The source zones are excavated (down to a depth of 5 meters) using sheet piling, trench boxes and a large drainage system (with groundwater remediation). “Management of the local surroundings” is what makes this an exceptional job, requiring extensive risk management, communications with stakeholders and traffic management. OWmonit©, a real-time monitoring system, will be installed to measure concentrations of (volatile) substances, groundwater levels, weather conditions and other variables. Nearly all Antea Group departments will be contributing to this special project at some point. Phases 1 through 3 were completed between August 2014 and February 2015. The final two phases (tar pit and parking lot) will be executed after the hospital’s relocation.


Laurenz Boer, Project Manager The Netherlands