managing aeronautical data

Managing Aeronautical data


Euro-control, the European organization for air navigation safety, recently tightened quality requirements for airport data, prompting Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to review its aeronautical data file. This comprises coordinates of airport runway key points, captured using the global WGS84 reference system.

These key points allow aircraft to land using only instructions from their GPS equipment. At Schiphol and the Netherlands’ other civil airports, this information did not comply with the requirements. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol asked Antea Group to help adjust this data, as well as include taxiway and apron data to enable aircraft to also automatically taxi to any assigned gate.

On behalf of the Netherlands Association of Airports (Nederlandse Vereniging van Luchthavens, or NVL), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol also asked Antea Group, to take care of managing the data and sharing it with the Netherlands air traffic control service (Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland, or LVNL) for the airports in question.

“Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a first example and all the other airports in the Netherlands will follow.”

Peter Dam, Project Manager