HSE supervision


Casanare – Colombia 3D Seismic Program

Supervise and evaluate the compliance with the guidelines established in the Environmental Management Plan, the permits for the use of natural resources granted by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Orinoquia (Corporinoquia), the Basic Environmental Design Guidelines for Seismic Projects, and the rules and HSE policies of the hydrocarbons sector company interested in developing the project. In addition, to monitor and verify the seismic contractor, and the execution of all phases according to the quality of the contracted object, requiring compliance with the technical results, standards and specifications, in accordance with the standards of the operating company.


A group was consolidated of professionals with experience in 3D Seismic Projects and specialist in areas such as environment, occupational health and social management, for the direct field oversight throughout the development of the project.

HSE oversight activities were developed for the 3D seismic program, according to the Colombian Environmental Legislation related to seismic land exploration projects, the Basic Environmental Design Guidelines for Seismic Land Exploration programs of the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Development, the Colombian Technical Standards currently in force, the Environmental Management Plan and the resolution issued by Corporinoquia. In like manner, in accordance with the environmental policies and principles of the operating company and the company's seismic contractor.


The implementation of the actions was achieved, in matters of industrial safety, health and environment management to be developed by the customer and its contractors during the project, thereby preventing that the customer be object of claims or sanctions in connection with the audits conducted by the relevant authorities. The CAUCHO SUR 3D seismic program was conducted under the policies and standards of the seismic contractor, for which the HSE department worked and made the necessary inductions in order to avoid the occurrence of quasi-accidents and accidents.