Environmental Study. Cupiagua – Cusiana Gas Pipeline.

Cupiagua – Cusiana Gas Pipeline. Definition of technical criteria to establish categories for groundwater sources in a Lineal Project


Provide a broader technical argument for the Environmental Authority to take decisions regarding the licensing of the pipeline to transport natural gas between the Production Center and Facilities of Cusiana and Cupiagua, within the setting of a limited legal context regarding the regulation of the use and quality of ground waters in Colombia.
During the preparation of the EIS, in the 42.88 kilometer-long pipeline layout, on a range of 100 meters on either side of the core, 43 water supplies have been inventoried, recognized by the community as "spring heads", which could affect the viability of the project.


dentify the water supplies taking into account the hydrogeological, hydrological, biotic (vegetation) and socio-economic (use of the resource) aspects; in addition to determining the chemical composition of the water in two climatic periods, and referred to minerals being formed with potential of being transported by groundwater flows.
Design a water supply categorization system involving regional and punctual environmental identification criteria; processes of origin and distribution of sub-surface groundwater; continuance conditions during the dry season; and physicochemical characteristics.

Define the measures for the intervention of the water supplies located on the riparian corridor (0-100m), considering as criteria the groundwater flow lines, the protective vegetation, and the type of use.


Acknowledgement by the former Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development of the four (4) proposed categories of groundwater supplies.
Information structured in description records per type of supply, including data for springs, data on continuance, means of suggestion, hydrogeological profile and profile of the vegetation .
Environmental management measures differentiated according to the type of groundwater supplies concerned.
Environmental license as per Resolution 1614 of 2011.