echnical studies to evaluate the projects’ environmental

Environmental and social assessment


In 2014, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a US funding agency, signed a framework contract with Antea Group, with the participation of French and US teams. The framework contract was first implemented in 2015, with three development projects carried out in Morocco.

These three projects included allotment and privatization of collectively owned land in agricultural areas, upgrading of education premises and projects in approximately one hundred institutions, revitalization of existing industrial areas and development of new areas.

Antea Group was mandated to carry out feasibility and technical studies to evaluate the projects’ environmental and social sustainability. We analyzed environmental and social sensitivities and defined measures to prevent, reduce or offset their impact. Antea Group also determined the need for additional studies and staffing requirements as well as implementation costs and execution schedules for these measures and studies.

“Working for MCC is a fascinating challenge involving tight deadlines, a high level of quality and a perfect understanding between all teams and the various stakeholders.”

Isabelle Cantin, Project Manager