Soil Contamination Data Reports


More research is needed to protect employees from the health risks that soil contamination generates at excavation sites. At present, different sources need to be consulted, which is inefficient and time-consuming. The digital soil mapping tool called BDOK (Bodem Digitaal Op de Kaart) puts an end to this by allowing users to create fully automated reports conforming to laws and regulations in a matter of minutes. BDOK is the product of a partnership between Antea Group and Nazca Solutions.


BDOK prevents the duplication of research. By efficiently re-using soil data for advice on excavations, part of our traditional soil consultancy work becomes fully automated. The data comes from verified government sources and is supplemented by user data. BDOK possesses accurate soil data from municipalities, provinces, water boards and environment agencies.


BDOK’s quick collection, calculation and automated reporting of soil data ensures more efficient work processes for contractors, grid managers and consultancy firms. Besides saving time, BDOK also creates new opportunities. We are now delivering services related to occupational health and safety and giving advice to new customers and customer groups. What is unique to Antea Group is the settlement of accounts based on the number of reports created by users (price per unit).