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"Cycle Terre" Project: Recycled Raw Earth Materials

Following the Europe-wide Urban Innovative Actions call for proposals, Antea Group’s ‘Cycle Terre’ (Earth Cycle) project, carried out in collaboration with the French city of Sevran and Grand Paris Aménagement, won in the circular economy category. The project focuses on the reuse of soil extracted from the construction sites of future train and subway stations in the Greater Paris region, for on-site recycling into raw earth building materials.


Excavated materials represent around 90% of urban waste, which is a key issue in all construction sites in the Greater Paris development project.
The goal of the ‘Cycle Terre’ Project is to create a low-carbon plant to produce recycled building materials. The challenge is to make this process become a leading example in the industry in order to establish a solidaritybased sector in the economy for the reuse of materials excavated from large earthwork sites as raw earth building materials.


As a player in the circular economy striving for improved use of local resources, Antea Group wanted to take part in this innovative project. Our teams are using their expertise to optimize the conditions of material reuse, which includes the characterization, sorting and checking of materials, as well as tracking them in monitoring data systems.