Augmented Reality, indoor navigation, quality, optimization, accuracy

Asset Management Using Augmented Reality

Only few Augmented Reality applications that have truly enriched our daily practices come to mind, but together with our partners Centric and Insider Navigation, Antea Group has developed a concrete, new Augmented Reality application for indoor navigation. Schiphol Airport offered the opportunity for a pilot project that has led to a successful Proof of Concept.


Asset management of architectural and systems-related building elements is often a time-consuming process. How much more efficient would it not be to relay real-life data digitally and on location by means of simple positioning? The Indoor Positioning System links markers (a type of QR code) to digital information and presents these with great accuracy on the right objects and at the right locations. The technology was presented at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in 2018 and will be widely used in 2019 for our projects and customized solutions for customers.


Augmented Reality for indoor navigation can be used without prior knowledge to manage assets faster, more accurately and more efficiently in real time. In addition, it allows inspectors to view or modify data on-site, which makes the margin of error previously caused by stacks of paper and Excel lists a thing of the past - a stroke of efficiency when it comes to quality, optimization, accuracy and data visualization.